E-Commerce in the age of Covid-19

This pandemic, the advent, and attack of Covid-19 was something unforeseen by the masses. No industry or organization could have foretold how a tiny virus could have become such a huge international phenomenon Read More

Which languages have the most massive developer community today, and why?

Life today is full of code. People may deny it all the way but they too know deep down that programming crosses paths with them somewhere in their lives. Read More

Holograms: The fact and the fiction

Holograms (or holographs; the terms are used interchangeably) have always been an element of speculation for the common public. With time the interest in them died off just as it did for the fidget spinners, Read More

AI makes 3D Holography a Reality

3D holographic technology has always fascinated people of all ages. But due to the constraints of the previous generation in terms of technology, Read More

nft article Cogent Devs

The Boom of the Era of NFTs

NFTs, in more formal, technical terms “non-fungible tokens”, are digital assets that exist as a one-of-a-kind, digital collectible item. Confusing it may be, Read More

fundraiser Cogent Devs

How to organize a fundraiser for your organization

A fundraiser can be beneficial in several ways for an organization; especially one that's starting fresh and is new to the market. Fundraisers help you gain Read More

Feasibility Cogent Devs

How to write a Business Feasibility Report?

Businesses require several different types of documentation that play a key role in their development and infrastructure. These documentations exist in various types Read More

industrial-revolution Cogent Devs

The Dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The past three centuries in the history of the human race have experienced three eras of technological breakthrough, better termed as the Industrial Revolutions. Read More

AI and Automation – What does
the future hold?

The term “automation” has always created concern over the ages, bringing a sense of unrest among people of the employed Read More

crypto mining1 Cogent Devs

Crypto Mining – Ways to get it done

Cryptocurrency has been the big talk of today’s world. You don’t have to be someone whose life is invested in tech or business to know about cryptocurrency. Read More

Immersive Technologies Cogent Devs

The Potential of Immersive Technologies VR, AR, MR, XR

The terms Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become pretty common in our lives. Many of us own our Read More

Game Engines Cogent Devs2

The Best Game Engines of 2021

If you're a gamer or at least a person with a bit of interest in present-day gaming, you might have heard the term "game engine".
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importance of choosing a domain name and hosting your website cogent devs

The importance of choosing a domain name and hosting your website

Any business nowadays needs to set itself up digitally. Without the digitization of a business, Read More

Social Network Cogent Devs

Social Network – A Thorough Analysis

Starting off as simple emails, bulletin board messages, and online live chatrooms, social media has grown exponentially throughout the past three decades, Read More

Social Networks for Image Sharing Cogent Devs

Best Social Networks for Image Sharing

Social networks have always been about sharing images. Since the advent of Facebook and blogging websites, social media has been a place for people to Read More

Best social networks Cogent Devs

Best social networks for topic discussion

Social media has become a platform where individuals share ideas
and express views. Freedom of speech and expression has allowed individuals to speak Read More